I entered the kitchen, passing Mr. Clean, the automaton who keeps the kitchen spotless at all times of the day. You might think it’s strange that the cafeteria still uses humans to cook the food when we have automatons. Well, in a series of taste test studies they actually found that human cooked food simply tastes better, and automaton food was described as “too perfect”. Plus, they try to limit the number of automated jobs in order to keep humans employed and satisfied. However, it certainly is nice to have them do the grunt work no one really wants to do anyway.

It was lunch in an hour, so I got started on my famous empanadas. I made the dough from scratch in about 10 minutes, then got started on the fillings. I began putting the empanadas together and placing them on the assembly line to the cafeteria when an idea popped into my head.

Hoverboard food delivery! Instead of an assembly line, what if a newly designed hoverboard could take employees’ orders via the Cybernet, come to the kitchen to pick up the order, and then deliver it back to them! This could also be extended across Chile, giving everyone easy access to my fresh food! I knew at that moment that it was the idea I had been waiting for. I quickly finished up the empanadas and ran to the Evolution Zone, submitting my idea under the name: “Eva’s Empanada Delivery”.

Now I just had to wait.

Later that night, I was just about to send my daily report through The Mechanism, when I got an alert. I opened it and read: Congratulations! Your submission has been selected by the Evolution Zone. Do you still wish to work on this idea?” I quickly typed “YES” and ran around my room in joy. I couldn’t believe it. I jumped into bed and lay there with a huge smile on my face. What a day.

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